Small Business Ideas: 6 Reasons Why SEO Companies Guarantee Success

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Airbnb Co-founder, Brian Chesky, said, “if we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find a solution for a problem in your own life”. The creativity of launching a business starts with Small business ideas. It takes the initiatives of individuals to identify a set of problem and implement on the course of action.

The functions of a business include:

Research and development: Every business needs a market research team in order to function effectively.

Production: This is focused on product manufacturing and logistics.

Marketing: This defines how the product or service will be managed, promoted and delivered. It is a strategic function.

Commercial: This defines methods on how customers can get interested or attracted to the business.

Human resources: This centers on training, staffing and recruitment, and employee welfare.

Administration and management: This is centered on administrative tasks, accounting and auditing, financial analysis, information technology.


Local businesses have adapted to small business marketing in order to create a wider opportunity to reach prospects. Small business marketing is a business strategy that covers all forms of digital information and communication technologies. And there is a SEO company in Nigeria that can provide business services to meet your business goals.

small business ideas

Here Are Six Reasons Why SEO Companies Are Essential To Your Small Business Ideas

Increase in highly qualified leads: Leads generated by search engine optimization are much more relevant and have higher conversion rates.

Improve sales conversion rate: Prospects will likely click on your site link if your website content meets their needs and shows up in their search results.

Achieve Profit: When your store sees more conversions, and your site visitors become your customers, which means more profit.

Decrease in marketing expenses: With more organic traffic coming from SEO, you could cut some marketing cost spent to buy and keep traffic

Brand Building: Using small business SEO is for a long term goal. It helps to create a steady flow of traffic and will boost your web image and reputation while making it even more profitable.

Gain credibility: Search engine optimization is an automatic confidence boost for potential customers because visitors generally choose the best organic results and so when they find your e-store on the first page of organic search, they are naturally drawn towards it.

In order to achieve optimization results and to enjoy its benefits, you need to get your business listed on the internet. This can be made possible through implementing and improving two SEO efforts, and they are: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

This is all about improving the optimization of the site content in order to make it more efficient and presentable for search engines.

Here are some techniques to on-page SEO:

  • Place your important keywords directly in the domain name of your site, and then make the geographical location of your business visible in the domain name.
  •  Place important SEO keywords directly in the URLs of your site’s pages.
  • Pay attention to the title of each of your pages by including your keywords, without exceeding 60 characters,
  • Pay attention to the description tag of each of your pages by including your keywords, without exceeding the required limits.
  • Make sure to also rename your photos by including keywords and indicating relevant alt text.
  • Place your keywords in large numbers in the textual content of the pages, and do not hesitate to repeat them even if it means making the wording a little heavy, without however abusing or making your text illegible because you would be penalized by Google.
  • Avoid copying content from other sites because Google will penalize you. It is of utmost importance that you create unique and relevant content.
  • Make sure you have a website compatible with tablets and smartphones as this standard is immensely important for Google. Your website has to be mobile user friendly.
  • Make sure you have a quick loading website that is well presented and well written because having a poor quality website automatically means having a high bounce rate. The bounce rate measures the percentage of Internet users who access your web page and leave it immediately, without any interaction. When the bounce rate keeps increasing, Google will perceive it as a negative response to your website.


Off-page SEO

This is all about optimizing the connections or links of the site with the rest of the web.

Google pays a lot of attention to the links that exist between one site and others, especially inbound links.

Google favors sites that include a lot of inbound links, especially if these links are qualitative related content. And if they come from recognized or high-authority sites.

To improve natural referencing, you must:

  • Try to get links from other sites by offering link exchanges to your partners or influencers.
  • Link your site to your other pages, blogs, or accounts on social networks,
  • Encourage Internet users to spontaneously create a link to your site by offering original, valuable and thoughtful content.
  • Boost your visibility with paid referencing. This requires particular know-how because it will be a question of positioning oneself on the right keywords, knowing that the most promising keywords are also the most in demand, and therefore the most expensive.



Find and use the right keywords

Think about what words your customers are likely to use when looking for your products or services on the web. And make a list of twenty to fifty keywords, then use Google keyword planner to verify that your chosen keywords are frequently used in online searches. You can also use the keyword generator to find more keywords to add to your list.

Use the keywords on every page of your website to improve their rankings when potential customers use those words in their search engine. Also incorporate the keywords into your titles and meta descriptions and blog articles.

Accentuate your unique offers

To stand out in online search results for your industry, look for terms that match your market differentiators, such as your unique offerings or geographic location and remain focused on keywords related to your niche, especially if you don’t have a big budget to promote PPC advertising. The requirement to emphasize on your unique offers is very important because it helps in attracting the attention of potential customers online.

Attach links to your site

The more sites that link to your site, the better your ranking will be in the search results. Ask owners of related sites to link to yours, while you do vice versa.

Emphasize the quality of the links. A single link to your site from a chamber of commerce or top rated website will help you more than a dozen links from little-known blogs.

Don’t encumber your site with keywords

As Google indicates in its instructions for site administrators: “Design your pages with Internet users in mind, and not search engines.”

If you spray too many keywords on your content, you risk distorting meaning and irritating readers. So don’t go extreme. Your priority should be to make the content clear and easily readable.

Publish high quality content constantly and consistently

The main mission of search engines is to help Internet users provide answers to their questions. Therefore, your best strategy for generating a lot of traffic is to create relevant and eye catching content through articles, videos, and photos that deliver quality information to your readers. Always make sure to update this content frequently to keep it relevant.

A valuable content strategy will also position you as a knowledgeable leader in your industry.

Be active on social media

Social media is a great advantage when it comes to SEO strategy, because people also use it as search engines. This is because internet users often use Facebook’s search function to find a service or product. Your business profile on social media will also appear in search results when users search using your business name or related terms.

Ensure your site for mobile user-friendliness

Your site should be clean and user friendly. Make sure that visitors who view it immediately know who you are and what you are offering.

Improve readability by adding titles and incorporating keywords. Headlines give a lot of information to search engines and help improve your ranking in the results.

Site speed is very much an essential part of any SEO strategy. Most importantly, you don’t want to discourage your visitors with a site that responds slowly. It is also important that you ensure the optimization of your website for mobile platforms.

Monitor the results

Free and inexpensive tools like Ubersuggest, SEMrush and Google analytics will give more insight into the performance of your SEO strategy and teach you more about your visitors such as providing information on how they found your site through search engines, referring site, direct link etc., their geographic location and the time they spent on each page of your website

Exercise Patience

SEO requires patience so watch for results from day one, but don’t expect instant results. It normally takes a few months to climb substantially in the search engine rankings.

Also, remember that SEO is constantly evolving. What works today will not necessarily be effective in one or two years. Keep working on it and stay conversant of the most recent changes relating to search rankings.

Keep positioning your website

Small business SEO companies has a long term strategy for your business, it’s not a one-time strategy so it’s important to maintain an effective position for your website. Effective positioning means that your site appears on the first two pages of search results. After page three, your site is almost invisible. So aim high and position your site effectively.



Small business ideas are fundamental to climbing up the ladder because new business owners are now positioning themselves online with SEO.

With optimization strategies, you can drive traffic to your website. It’s understandable that you might not know much about SEO being that it is not in line with your business, which is why our team at Deyo Digital is here to assist you.

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