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If you are a business owner looking for help getting traffic and big sales from search engines

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We help business owners, coaches, companies, and people like you get on Google’s front page in 6-months or less

Here’s Exactly How Our SEO Service will get your Business On Google's Page One:

Keyword research:

We will help you ethically nick 30 keyword ideas from Google and make the keywords work for you.

Worth: ₦25,000 in value

Off page optimization:

We will connect all relevant social media pages to your website and create a following to them.

Worth: ₦50,000 in value

On page optimization:

We will work on your site to make sure all elements like the page titles, headings, meta descriptions and images on your web pages are optimized for search engines.

Worth: ₦100,000 in value

Technical optimization:

We will come up with a roadmap and structure to fix site maps, site speed, core web vitals, and bug issues that prevent visitors to leave your site too soon. Also generate a schema markup for your site, post, and pages.

Worth: ₦175,000 in value

Domain Authority and white-hat:

We will make Google see your website as an Authority in your niche so that competitors' traffic will become yours.

Worth: ₦190,000 in value


Google Search Console:

With Google Search Console, we will help you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. We will also ensure that Google can find and crawl your site. Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.

Worth: ₦25,000 in value

Google Analytics:

Our team will help you measure the pages and posts that is attracting the most organic traffic and lead conversion. As well as track users' behavior.

Worth: ₦25,000 in value

Competitive Gap Analysis

We will work on your web page to get the same customers that are going to your competitors.

Worth: ₦ 130,000 in value

Conversion optimization:

We will create a funnel that converts site visitors to leads for your business. This funnel guarantees an average of 2.4% conversion. This means that, if 1000 people come to a particular page on your website from SEO, 20 to 30 will perform a conversion action such as a form fill, white paper download, make a purchase, etc.

Worth: ₦180,000 in value

Monthly organic traffic and google report:

You need proof that this is working. We will provide traffic report and google ranking report every month.

Worth: ₦50,000 in value

Total value: ₦950,000 per month

You pay: ₦250,000

Check Out Our Guest Blogging Service to how we will get your Business On Google's Page One:

Professional writeup (500 words):

We will curate a 500 word in-content web 2.0 type and SEO optimized blog post that is keyword-rich on your WP backend. We make it GREEN!

Worth: ₦3,000 in value

Permanent placement on Google search results:

We will work hard to ensure that your website enjoys a permanent placement on the search result page

Worth: ₦10,000 in value

Guest post:

Guest posting has proven to be an effecting strategy in SEO. We will write SEO-rich blog post and publish same on high authority websites in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and generate quality backlinks.

Worth: ₦15,000 in value

Variety of anchor text:

We will generate a variety of anchor text to include exact match, phrase match, Branded, partial match, etc.

Worth: ₦25,000 in value

Domain Authority (10-90+):

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that shows how likely a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). We will ensure to achieve a domain authority of between 10-90+, and 100, being the highest score.

Worth: ₦85,000 in value

Diversified white-hat links:

Link diversity is the strategy of using different types of backlinks in order to leave a completely random footprint that the Google algorithms are not able to track and therefore not able to penalize. Building backlinks without link diversity is a gamble that's usually not worth taking. We will ensure to apply this time tested strategy to te desired results.

Worth: ₦60,000 in value

Monthly reports:

You need proof that this is working. We would provide that every month.

Worth: ₦50,000 in value

Total value: ₦248,000 per month

You pay: ₦120,000

If all these were in place and you got your website to the front page of google, and attracted all the traffic as well as conversion within six months. What would it mean for you?

You get 4x return on investment (ROI) …And guess you would like to reinvest a certain percentage (%) of your profits for another 6 months!!

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