Real Estate Marketing: Companies Adopt 2 Wonderful SEO Techniques

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Real estate marketing is a model that realtors have adopted into their business strategy that has transcended into the clouds. The internet has now become a major market for so many companies to leverage on their customers’ intent.

There is an endless possibility on the internet for your real estate company if you do it the right way. To be relevant and visible on the internet your website needs to use digital marketing solutions like SEO to keep on refining your content, developing a clear brand image. This might just be the Je ne sais quoi your company needs to improve commerce.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the effectiveness of your website in pulling leads and traffic. This ensures your website stays on the top of the result list displayed by a search engine.

SEO also boosts and refines the quality and quantity of traffic attracted to your site. Visibility is a priority for any website in getting the right clients. And with the use of SEO tools, it can help your website rank on the first page of Google. This is usually relevant to your industry for driving traffic which in turn may turn into leads and customers.

With the use of search algorithms, SEO companies are deliberate about content that goes on your website, adopting keywords that are pertinent to your industry.

Real estate marketing

Now let us look at the process;

Real Estate Marketing Evolution

Real estate marketing is no new business, like any existing entity, marketing is important to drive lead and sales as well as return on investment (ROI). The only difference now is the medium i.e. the internet.

Since the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution that began with the world wide web; real estate marketing has been on speed dial, making real estate agents seem obsolete but in fact, has become more complicated and planned.

In the early years of media generation of leads, awareness was straightforward, from the word of mouth to the use of billboards, yard signs, and ads on newspapers.

According to stats by Hubspot, businesses with website  and social media presence are likely to drive more leads than businesses  without.

But today being on the internet, owning a website or page on social media won’t suffice to vast recognition and clientele. Your content needs to be valuable and engaging, as there are so many other competitors in the global market. The use of SEO services come into play to drive more traffic.

Real Estate Marketing – SEO

Thus, it is not enough to know you can use SEO to drive traffic to your website and convert them to paying customers, you also need to know Why and How exactly it  works.

After going through this piece, every doubt must be dissolved on the importance of SEO services for your real estate company. Here are some reasons:

It Is Organic

SEO is a unique type of internet marketing strategy because it uses search engines algorithm and keywords to help you rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is a free traffic when your site rank on the first page of Google.

Optimizations Of Images And Videos Of Your Products

As the industry keeps evolving with technology, there are tools like 3D modelling of apartment structure of your real estate. With the use of SEO, your contents can be reachable through video and image search to potential customers.

Return on Investment

There is adequate return on your investment with SEO. It is a low budget strategy, perfect for your real estate marketing compared to social media adverts. Saving money is any company’s priority since it is  relatively cheap compared to paid search.

Web Page Visibility

Nobody wants to go to the next page of the search engine to get what they want. With proper SEO services, you can put your page at the top of the search list. It grants you the visibility you need to increase traffic. You want to see your page thriving at the top of a search engine result pages (SERPs) thereby increasing your website traffic.

It Is Lucrative

As your traffic builds up, each incoming viewer is a potential client. The more your company seems more credible and is more likely to be patronized. Better visibility equals better revenue.

Choosing A B2B SEO Agency

There is a wide variety of SEO agencies, all of which are good but not necessary for you. It’s like a diet and healthy eating. What you eat, and regarded as healthy, is dependent on what your body needs.

Note this; Not every SEO agency might be a good fit for your real estate marketing.

To choose the right one, take these two things into consideration:

  • Where your company is heading.
  • What you want to achieve.

The reasons why you need a b2b SEO agency may be to make your website more visible, promote sales or get appropriate leads.

As a real estate company, you need to define what you want out of your being online. Keeping this in mind will help you select a compatible one.

There are different SEO services with their own uniqueness, which includes;

  • SEO-optimized content marketing
  • Voice SEO
  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Link building

A b2b SEO agency should have the following:

  • A good and varied team of SEO specialists

They should have a variety of them with keywords and good content computation. Presentation is very important, what your viewers see is important to what your customers think of you. As they say, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. You want to look like the proper brand that you are. No need to look further as you can visit us – Deyo Digital.

A b2b SEO agency should have an impressive portfolio and testimonies that display authenticity. So you won’t end up an incompetent company, which will only slow the progress that you are determined to make.

One wrong choice can turn your whole sales area or yield zero. What you want is to be  positioned, with more traffic and more clients.

Always do your background check before letting a company handle your website. You might not end up seeing the expected result your company desires if you lack the right approach.

  • A defined strategy for executing SEO

The company should have a defined strategy , which will attest to their experience and problem-solving capability. Strategizing is one of the important ways to get proper jobs done. As internet marketing keeps evolving, SEO needs a working strategy that will ensure success.

  • A good and friendly culture

The company’s policies and culture should tally with the ones your company has created and stand for, to divert possible dispute.

The b2b SEO agency must respect your policies and have a compatible culture with your company. This is necessary for a smooth working relationship, where each party brings the best out of each other.

  • An evolving thinking and content spectrum, to lead in the ever-changing digital world

The internet evolves with the seasons and so do the algorithms created by the search engines, in order to stay relevant with the times. All SEO agencies should be fast and further thinking, to keep your company going and thriving.

People want to be engaged in your content. Catchy headlines that are suitable with the times are recommended. Your choice SEO company should be able to maintain contents that are ever engaging, they should be forward-thinking and ready to take the market for you.



The difference between a popular and unpopular singer is in their marketing campaign. The two might have the same level of skill and competence but being in a position for awareness is the difference. You need to know the right real estate marketing campaign to adopt. Using the proper strategy is necessary for growth.

Being out there and at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) is the way to grow your online presence and build traffic. Your real estate company needs the right b2 SEO agency so your page won’t pop up on the wrong search result deteriorating the productivity of having a website.

These days because a lot of people access websites from search engines, it is pertinent to use SEO and choose a b2b SEO agency that will pick up the pace of your real estate company’s growth.

SEO is important in developing and building traffic and lead generation, onboard an SEO company that knows its onions, at Deyo Digital we have teams on ground to take your request. Let us journey with you to make your dream a reality.

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