New Franchise Adopts 2 Essential Local SEO Tips to Promote Their Brand

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Franchise is a collaboration contract whereby one company, the franchisor, grants one or more companies, the franchisees, the right to market products and services, in return for direct or indirect financial compensation. The Franchisor and franchisees remain legally and financially independent, and the conditions of this agreement are recorded in the franchise contract or agreement.

Within the framework of this collaboration contract, the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to operate a business in accordance with the concept he has developed and assists the franchisee in the execution of this concept.

Who is a franchisor?

The franchisor is an entrepreneur who owns a brand that he intends to develop by setting up a network which grants the franchisee the right to use the brand. The franchisor maintains and develops the image of its brand and decides on the commercial tactic and the quality standards to be adhered;

He provides the franchisee with its commercial, technical and logistical know-how through appropriate information and training; he controls the application and utilization of the know-how transmitted. He also makes available to the franchisee a range of products, services and technologies that he has designed or acquired. He provides the franchisee with technical and commercial support throughout the duration of the agreement including setting up the project and opening of stores.

Who is a franchisee?

The franchisee is an independent contractor selected by the franchisor. He has the right to exploit the concept, the know-how and the notoriety of another company, the franchisor, and to open one or more establishments in the name of the brand which belongs to the franchisor. He benefits from the experience of the franchisor and also receives personalized support throughout the process of creating the company.

To start franchising, take the following steps

Establish a personal assessment: Starting as a franchisee is not a decision to be taken lightly, so it is best to think about it beforehand. Ask yourself important questions to determine your level of knowledge in franchising. “Why are you starting a franchise? Can you be held accountable? Do you have experience in the chosen field of activity? What skills do you need to sharpen?”

Determine the sector of activity: Ask yourself if you have ever worked in the industry you are targeting as a franchisee and if it requires specific skills and then carry out an in-depth study of the sector.

Financial capacity: Creating a one can provide many benefits but this does not mean that the creation process is free. To become one already requires paying entry fees to the network that you join.

Find the right franchisor: Limit yourself to franchisors in the field of activity you have chosen, this will prevent you from having an endless list to deal with.

Create the business plan for your franchise project: Once you have gathered enough information on the franchisor, you will need to develop a business plan.

A “business plan” is a professional document intended for the franchisor or your banker. A good business plan will be a pledge of your commitment and involvement, both for the franchisor and the banker.

Choose the location: If your franchisor has been convinced by the relevance of your business model, then you need to find where you are going to make your creation emerge. The role of the franchisor is, among other things, to help you choose the right location because of his experience on his business concept.

Think about legal status: Any business creator should think about the status they want to give to their fledgling business. This choice depends on many criteria. “Do you plan to develop your franchise alone or in association? Does it require a significant investment? What is your annual turnover target? How do you want to protect your personal wealth?”

Sign the franchise contract: Before giving your consent and finally being able to start building your franchise, there are several things to consider like checking that the brand of your future franchisor is correctly registered.




Franchise SEO is the art of creating a fully optimized experience for your business website by enabling existing customers and prospects to have easy access through better digital visibility. This is a digital marketing strategy that has proven to be much more useful in creating brand awareness and loyalty.

The SEO strategy for a franchise is all about making each individual page in your business network run smoothly, both as an individual site for local customers and as an integrated extension to your original business.

SEO works when relevant keywords connect your business to what potential customers are actively looking for, it helps guide customers to your website. Once customers have reached your site, SEO continues to boost that site to perform to its full potential. The download speed of the mobile and desktop versions of your website will affect the ranking capabilities of most major search engine result pages.

Using SEO optimization to upgrade the performance of your website on all platforms guarantees potential customers’ unlimited access to your business and all the sites it represents.

Staying active and relevant is also an extremely important part of managing your franchise SEO. This can be done through creating engaging, up-to-date, and valuable content that your customers will want to interact with.

By giving your customers more time on your site and a better understanding of what your business is bringing to the table, your content can then be incorporated into off page SEO, working closely with affiliates and the media to publicize the specific products and services that your franchise offers. This offsite content can then allow you to work directly with interrelated businesses in order to show your franchise as an authority in your most relevant markets.



It is incredibly important to your business because without proper and detailed search engine optimization, you could easily lose sight of your local branches and customer’s by making your business a thing of the past rather than a trusted source of merchandise that embraces the future and takes into regard your customers opinions.

When considering SEO, it’s important to remember the peculiarity of your business, your business could either be small, medium-sized or big and so SEO needs to be tailored specifically to the nature and size of your business – especially if that business is a franchise. It takes regular SEO for your growing business, drawing attention to the pages and prospects that need it most.

According to WebFX blog, franchise is considered important because its biggest benefit is that it helps your business reach customers with local SEO especially when the storefront location is nearby; and that it is typically built on well-known brands, so customers feel more comfortable visiting new locations but unless they know that a specific location exists near them, they won’t be able to visit and make a purchase.


The benefits of local SEO for franchised outlets are:

Provide local information about your point of sale

Google search engine isn’t just a way to rank your business better, it also assists in giving your potential customers valuable information.

Your Google My Business listing, in particular, is a great way to showcase your business address, e-mail, phone number, and even your opening hours. This page also allows Internet users to create a route to your point of sale, via Google Maps. It is however essential that you fill in perfectly accurate information, including your company name, address and phone number.

Generate store traffic

The whole essence of SEO for your franchise is to generate traffic to your website, among other things and so there is a need to attract new customers by keeping them informed through valuable and engaging content.

People are always typing in mobile queries on Google every day because local queries generally bring qualified traffic, which has a high buying potential. Indeed, 18% of searches located on smartphones lead to a purchase. Thus, by optimizing your local SEO, you increase your conversion rate, and therefore your sales.

Improve your online reputation

Local SEO and online customer reviews are closely linked. Google My Business, in particular, tends to favor businesses that receive a lot of positive reviews. These businesses will therefore be more likely to appear at the top of search results. So the more positive reviews you receive, the more likely your business is to attract new customers.

Be visible on Google Maps

The presence of your point of sale on Google Maps is another advantage of local SEO with Google My Business. It makes your business visible on the map with an icon representing your company. As a result, you further increase your chances of being found by people close to or living in your location. Also, the ability to create a route to your point of sale entices your potential customers to visit the store, increasing your conversion rate.

More visibility, more in-store traffic, more conversions. The advantages of local referencing are numerous for franchised outlets, which have an accessible and effective means of attracting new customers to their catchment area.



Venturing into a franchise is a solid and lasting business model that meets the expectations of future business creators. It is used in many sectors i.e. (food, household and personal equipment, beauty, restaurants, hotels, travel agency, real estate, etc.).

It therefore offers an opportunity that allows each candidate to find the brand that corresponds to him.

Enabling SEO strategy for your franchised outlets brings in more opportunities and possibilities as explained above.

Our company, Deyo Digital has a team of SEO specialists that can assist in fully optimizing your franchised business sector and place it on Google map. Interested in our service? Contact us now.


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