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Businesses are now engaging with Ecommerce SEO that can never end. It continues to grow year after year, online sales and transactions never stops. Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services. It is the transmitting of funds or data over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

These are some benefits of using Ecommerce SEO in your business;

Global Reach: Electronic commerce does not have this limitation. Instead, you can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world through your digital ecommerce business.

Always Open:  24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. This is extremely convenient for the customer and is a great opportunity for you as a trader.

Savings: E-commerce businesses have significantly lower operating costs than physical stores. There is no rent, no staff to hire and pay, and very little fixed running costs. This makes e-commerce stores extremely price competitive, which usually increases market share significantly.

Automated Inventory Management: This has become increasingly sophisticated. Now you can easily manage your inventory across multiple channels. So you can sell and monitor your inventory in your own store.

Targeted Marketing: You can collect an incredible amount of consumer data to ensure they are targeting the right people for their products. This lowers the cost of acquiring customers and allows online ecommerce businesses to remain extremely agile.

Location Independence: So long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can run your ecommerce business.

It is basically marketing at its peak, it is a promising market for an aspiring business owner like you to venture into. However, launching your own ecommerce business is not something to be handled lightly. In order for your local business to become highly recognized online, you need to learn about its intricacies and how SEO can help improve your website’s performance.

ecommerce SEO


Ecommerce traffic comes from searches, this means that the amount of traffic to your site is determined by SEO keywords and your website speed.



The need for consistent release of content in your website blog cannot be over emphasized. Numerous research and statistics shows that optimized content is the most efficient and effective way to generate organic traffic.

Content marketing is extremely essential to the growth of your ecommerce site. The more blog posts you have on your website, the more awareness you receive. Whatever content you are uploading to your blog should definitely be related to the nature of your business. An Ecommerce site therefore requires fully optimized contents on all details pertaining to the business.


Given the fact that there would definitely be a lot of competitors, you have to take some step to stand out of the crowd and one way to do that is by optimizing your business profile.

This can be made possible by doing the following:

  • Enter and save your business details in Google my business.
  • Regularly update your business name, address or phone number if there is a change.
  • Input your opening hours and maintain it precisely.
  • Add relevant and attractive high quality photos that can pique the interest of a potential client.
  • Encourage and always respond to reviews to attract more engagements



Ecommerce development companies have shared their knowledge on how your local store can improve their sales above the competition. According to a Liquid Web Brand, “your site’s load speed and page load times are the bedrock on which you build  your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Your product page might be flawlessly designed, but if it doesn’t meet the expectations of an impatient customer anxiously holding their credit card, it won’t get you the sale”. 

The big names in online business allow those who are starting out to learn the best practices of selling on the Internet. They devote a large budget on their website speed performance to improve their users’ experience.

Study their changes, observe the attention they pay to their visitors, note their tips such as sharing buttons on social networks and apply necessary changes to your own site.


People check on Google for different things everyday. The following are specific places to make use of the researched keywords are

  • The title of the page: This is extremely important because it is the starting point to help Google know the relevance or effectiveness of your site.
  • The Meta Description: Let Google recognize your keywords within the first 150 characters of your content.
  • Subtitles: This helps potential clients recognize the relevance of your content before clicking on it.
  • URL’S: This also assist in giving an idea of what your website is all about.

Some SEO tools you can use to find the right keywords are SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Google search console, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Mozbar, etc.


This is a priority for SEO ranking your ecommerce site high considering the fact that billions of people all over the world are using Mobile phones to access the internet, to make sales or purchases.

If your website is not mobile friendly then you run the risk of losing potential clients, therefore optimize your website to become mobile friendly through the following methods:

  • Check if your website is mobile friendly
  • Choose your most suitable mobile-friendly solution – it could be a responsive design, dynamic delivery, a separate mobile-friendly website, or a mobile app
  • Avoid common mobile optimization mistakes like posting unreadable content or irrelevant crosslinks, etc.
  • Use SEO tools
  • Apply SEO best practices for mobile ecommerce: make sure your site meets Google’s mobile-friendly criteria.



This is one area you need to consider as extremely important.

Take for instance, you have applied all necessary SEO keywords, learnt strategies from competitors of other Ecommerce sites, optimized your website to become mobile friendly but your conversion rates are not increasing, then this is an area to look into.

Here are some tips to boost your conversion rate by improving your ordering process.

  • Facilitate customer identification- The customer identification step should be quick and easy to avoid scaring your users away. For new customers, you can briefly recall the advantages of having an account (speed with a next order, tracking packages, registering products, etc.) in order to encourage them to create an account on your site.
  • Communicate on your delivery conditions- choice of delivery method, delivery times and associated shipping costs. Nothing is more frustrating for a user than discovering too long delivery times or too high shipping costs during payment. The return policy also has its place in your communication about your delivery policy.
  • Payment method- Almost an average percentage of Internet users abandon their shopping cart when their preferred payment method is not available. So opt for more variety in the payment methods offered by your site.



The benefits of a marketing campaign for your ecommerce business is insurmountable. Especially when your website contents has been power packed with SEO keywords.

When people press in keywords related to your business, your marketing ad. comes ranking on top and this way you get more potential clients to your ecommerce site.

Marketing campaign is an information you have definitely heard before, it’s been repeated to you all the time that you have to take care of your advertising campaigns. So you spend hours building the perfect campaign, now you have to monitor and optimize this campaign regularly. By observing the time spent on these tasks, the real return on investment may seem uncertain.

This is why many e-merchants choose to automate these extremely time-consuming tasks: save time, boost your results and increase your turnover. On average, marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and decreases marketing overhead by an average of 12.2%. With sales and marketing productivity being a key component that drives company growth, automation is the answer for many CEOs.

With the time saved by automation, you can focus on more important or urgent tasks for the future of your business.


Ecommerce is a business which when promoted with the right eCommerce marketing agencies will generate quality traffic. It also attracts potential customers and boost sales for your small business.

Utilizing Ecommerce SEO cannot be overemphasized. Your competitors are using it so what’s stopping you from using it also.

You should understand that SEO is important in developing and building traffic and lead generation for a small business.

Are you concerned on how to make your Ecommerce site SEO power proofed? At Deyo Digital, we have SEO consultants on ground to assist you on this journey.

Ready to boost your business

Book an appointment with us today.

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