How Content Creation Can Increase Your Website Traffic by 97%

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Have you ever sat to wonder how Linda Ikeji and other popular Nigerian bloggers can maintain a high volume of website traffic daily? Ever wondered how these bloggers can keep their audience engaged with a curious mix of commentaries and social news? Are you thinking of how to use this savvy bloggers’ content creation approach for your new business website?

This post is aimed at helping you understand what website traffic is and how to get traffic to your website. If you are on any of these tables mentioned earlier, then pay attention as you read, because we’re about to get started on the best digital marketing and SEO strategies to increase your website traffic.

What is Online Marketing?

This simply refers to the web users who visit your new or existing website. It is measured in “visits or sessions”. Now, understand that website traffic is just a little fraction of online marketing. Analyzing website performance goes beyond finding out the number of people who visited your website. It includes more important information such as how long a visitor stayed, the percentage of users that made a purchase, how much it takes to bring in a visitor and, many more. 

Hence, if you’re not an expert in monitoring your online business, or you have a tight schedule, the good news is you don’t have to do all of these things yourself. You can employ the services of an SEO agency. We can be of help.


Back to increasing your website traffic. Upon owning a new website, you will need some basic knowledge on how to increase your website traffic.

Some of them may include how to do on page SEO, knowledge of the best keyword research tool, and content marketing strategy. You should also understand the concept of SEO optimization, and be able to provide digital content creation if your website will gain visits, else, only a few people will know your site exists.

The importance of SEO marketing in increasing your website traffic is that it increases not just the quantity but also the quality of traffic to your website organically. Good knowledge of SEO meaning will help you build this foundation. 

content creation

How Content Creation Can Drive Traffic to your Website

So, now you ask, how can I increase my website traffic organically? There are many ways to do that, however, basically, there are 3 effective ways you can use to drive traffic to your website. These includes: 

  1. Blogging: Basically, what you do in blogging is creating quality SEO optimized content relevant to your business industry or field by educating your potential customers with the right information and also convincing them to make a decision. In that way, you don’t have potential customers visiting and exiting your website without contacting you. With a well optimized content, you may end up turning a potential customer into the Oliver Twist who asks for more.

Also, search engine algorithms, for example, Google constantly evolves and changes over time, your website or blog too needs to be constantly updated with relevant search optimization to get the best ranking for relevant keywords and also increase your online visibility and brand awareness. This keeps you at the forefront of your business, optimize your website with digital content creation, and increase website traffic.

WordPress SEO or blogging with SEO skills allows Google to display your site when a searcher uses keywords relevant to your business to search for answers to their questions online. That way, you become a thought leader in your industry and niche.

Remember your business isn’t the only one of its kind. Educate your visitors so they know you’re an authority in your field. Create blog posts, e-books, or industry guides with quality content, and answer your potential client’s questions on social media, produce educational SEO YouTube, host a webinar.

Above all, market your product to somebody and not everyone. Focus on your niche. What this means you should find out who your visitors are. Are they male or female? What part of the country do they live in? Know your target customers/market and create contents that appeal to them. Be specific.

In addition, adding a “call-to-action” button to your business website can help you guide your visitors on how to purchase on your site. This is a content marketing strategy that leads to conversion.

Blogging may not be an easy task. Statistics revealed that blogs tend to have 434 per cent more indexed pages, and companies with blogs get 97% more backlinks to their website. So you may want to reconsider putting your effort into content marketing. If you cannot write your contents all by yourself, there is a digital agency who will readily create blog posts for your business or brand regularly.


  1. Email Marketing: After providing quality content for our targeted customers, email marketing is next. Ignoring the importance of email marketing in increasing website traffic can cost you a fortune of website visits. This is because email marketing helps you keep in touch with potential clients after their first visit. Email marketing prevents you from having “hit-and-run-readers”. It helps you drive sales by keeping your audience engaged, building relationships, and keeping them glued to your website.

It involves welcome email for new subscribers, triggered email series, contact segmentation, resending emails to non-openers, and powerful list-building tools.

How to do Email Marketing

  • Add a sign-up form, that is prominent enough to your website.
  • Give your visitors a genuine reason to sign-up for your website. Let them know the kind of information they will have access to upon signing up to your website.
  • Make the best use of a welcome email. It shows you care about who just visited your site. You’re dealing with humans and not robots.
  • Send email campaigns to your subscribers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with links to your site. This encourages them to visit your website often thereby increasing your chance of conversion and subsequently increasing your website traffic. However, do not spam your email subscribers with excess information about your business.


  1. Social Media: Although blogging provides you with the opportunity to share what your business is all about and to connect to others, most connecting happens through social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Don’t write quality content and expect that people will find it by chance. You need to get social!

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is through social media to promote your SEO-based content writing. Social media allows you to connect with your current customers and also attract potential ones, and a large number of them are on social media. 

Your competitors are all over social media also seeking the same goal. Hence, it is very important to stay social.

At this point, we recommend you also register your presence online by following influencers in your field on their social media pages.

Facebook: Facebook has over 1.71 billion users, you may start from there.

  • Your website link should be all over your Facebook page.
  • Update your profile, especially the “About Us” section.
  • Endeavour to utilize the “Link Share” by copying and pasting your website URL.


Instagram: It’s an ideal place to increase online visibility and brand awareness for image-based businesses such as food business, clothing and textile, photography, and media. As of January 2021, about 14.5% of global active IG users were women in the 18-24 age groups. Knowing your targeted customers will help you decide which social media is best to connect with them. 

Some of the ways to register your presence on Instagram are:

  • Optimizing your IG bio to gain more followers implies more potential customers.
  • Input your URL to drive traffic to your website homepage or a landing page.
  • Switch to an IG business profile to gain access to additional features.
  • Grow your community by engaging with followers in the comment section.
  •  Build your brand.
  •  Incorporate storytelling using visuals (pictures and images).


LinkedIn: The LinkedIn platform has gone beyond a place to look for jobs. You can post content on your LinkedIn regularly to boost traffic to your site.

Other social media platforms such as Twitter (over 300 million users), and Pinterest (over 100 million users), are social media platforms you can use to increase your website traffic organically.

More strategies to increase your website traffic are:

  1. PPC Advertising: Pay-Per-Click Advertising permits you to place ads on search engines, where your targeted customers will most likely see them. It could be on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network that permits paid advertising. PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to increase traffic to your website. As the name implies, you get to pay a little fee when someone clicks your ad.
  1. Partnerships and link building: Your network is your net worth. Link building is one effective means of driving traffic to your website. As a business website owner, take advantage of other businesses in your niche and jointly share relevant backlinks to blog posts or landing pages. Remember, it is not just the quantity of links you build, but the quality and authority of backlinks that you gain, that will increase your website traffic. You can also leverage inbound links i.e. links that redirect to other relevant pages on your website.


Taking all these into consideration and consistently creating relevant contents, you will be amazed at the number of website visitors you will gain.

Need a dedicated SEO specialist to assist with your website traffic? Contact us.

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