Top 5 Best Paraphrasing Tools that Help to Ease Your Task

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If you are a freelance writer or an in-house copywriter, your constant struggle is to meet your deadlines and satisfy your client’s needs. You have to paraphrase most of their content to meet your client’s requirements. In the end, the quality of content and fast delivery matters the most. If you don’t deliver on time, you can lose your client’s trust and they can even fire you. Therefore, here we can discuss (five) 5 best paraphrasing tools that help to ease your task.

best paraphrasing tools

List of the 5 Best Paraphrasing Tools that Help to Ease Your Task:

  1. QuillBot:

Whenever you search the term ‘which paraphrasing tool is best’ on the internet, you will always get the QuillBot paraphrasing tool in the top results of SERPs. Therefore, the first professional paraphrasing tool on this list is “QuillBot.

When it comes to the best paraphrasing tools to beat Turnitin, there is no one better than QuillBot. That’s because of its state-of-the-art AI-based paraphrasing mechanism. So, it provides the users with seven paraphrasing modes. This way, they can get the desired tone, style and perfect language for their content.

QuillBot is a freemium paraphrasing tool that allows users to paraphrase 125 words with the help of the ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ modes. However, if you want to rephrase more words using advanced paraphrasing modes, you will have to purchase its premium plan.

Why should you choose QuillBot?

    • QuillBot is rich in terms of its integration with different tools. For example, you can integrate it with Google Chrome, Google Docs and Microsoft Word. So, if you want to use the functionalities of QuillBot while writing, you won’t have to switch between Windows anymore.
    • QuillBot contains a thesaurus finder powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, you can find the ideal words according to the situation.
    • This powerful and professional paraphrasing tool gives users complete control because they can adjust the synonyms-ratio of content. So, suppose you have used simple and dull vocabulary in your main text. In that case, you can use the vocabulary enhancements of QuillBot to make a good impression on your client or teacher.
    • The premium plan of QuillBot comes with a plagiarism and grammar checker. So, if you purchase its premium plan, you can create a top-notch document with QuillBot.
    • This paraphrasing tool comes with seven rephrasing modes, such as
  • Standard – the standard mode, as the name suggests, is the conventional rephrasing mode of QuillBot. So, it uses traditional paraphrasing techniques to rephrase the content.
  • Fluency – as the name suggests, the Fluency paraphrasing mode works on the fluency of words while paraphrasing.
  • Expand – the expand rephrasing mode adds depth and detail to the existing content while paraphrasing.
  • Shorten – as the name suggests, this paraphrasing mode works on the conciseness of content. So, the content can provide a clear message.
  • Formal – the formal rephrasing mode is ideal for dealing with research papers and other academic-related content.
  • Simple – the simple mode is like the shortened module because it also works on text to make it easier to understand.
  • Creative – the creative mode will work on the text in a completely new way.
  • Due to its formal module, QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool for thesis and research papers.
  • The premium version of QuillBot provides a three-day money-back guarantee and subscription-pausing. So, such features are ideal in these expensive times.
  • For rephrasing the content with the help of QuillBot, you can:
    • Paste the copied text.
    • Type the text from scratch.
    • Upload a document file.

Reasons to avoid QuillBot:

  • The creative mode is more like an article rewriter because sometimes, it changes the original text’s meaning.
  • The free version of QuillBot offers a few benefits.
  • You can only paraphrase 125 words in the free version. So, it is not ideal for dealing with lengthy texts.

2. SpinBot:

The second easy paraphrasing tool on this list is like QuillBot in terms of its UI and naming convention. Its name is “SpinBot.

Unlike QuillBot, the paraphrasing mechanism of SpinBot works on either shortening or increasing the text’s length. So, it doesn’t contain different paraphrasing modes. Instead, it asks the users if they want to shorten, enhance, or keep the text’s length to its default while paraphrasing.

SpinBot is the second freemium paraphrasing tool on this list. However, unlike QuillBot, the pricing plan of SpinBot is a bit expensive. That’s the reason for putting this tool in the second spot.

Reasons to select SpinBot:

  • SpinBot can paraphrase 10000 words for free. So, this paraphrasing tool is an ideal choice for dealing with lengthy texts.
  • Unlike most free paraphrasing tools, SpinBot is an intelligent paraphraser. Therefore, it paraphrases the text according to its context. Moreover, after paraphrasing, it checks whether the content is human-friendly or not.
  • Unlike the free version of QuillBot, you can ignore as many words as you want while paraphrasing with SpinBot.
  • Once you have paraphrased the content, you can copy the rephrased content with one click.

Why should you avoid SpinBot?

  • You cannot upload a document file in SpinBot. So, you can only paste the copied text or type the text from scratch in this tool.
  • The free version of SpinBot will display ads. So, if ads annoy you, you can use the premium version.

3. Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool):

The third paraphrasing tool is the last freemium tool of the (five) 5 best paraphrasing tools that help to ease your task list. Its name is “Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool).

Rephrase (paraphrasing tool) is a semantic and scholarly paraphraser that makes the content unique by paraphrasing its sentences. It is a freemium rephrasing tool that can only paraphrase the content of 500 words for free. However, if users want to paraphrase 500+ or a document of 1500 words, they will have to purchase its premium plan.

This AI-based online paraphraser uses three paraphrasing modes to rephrase the content:

  • Fluency – the fluency mode, as the name suggests, works on creating a fluent piece of content while paraphrasing it.
  • Standard – the standard mode, as the name depicts, works based on traditional paraphrasing techniques to rephrase the content.
  • Creative – the creative mode works on producing an innovative piece of content by using fancy and high-end words. 

Reasons to choose Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool):

  • Rephrase (paraphrasing tool) is one of the two tools in this list that can paraphrase content written in multiple languages.
  • For rephrasing the content with the Rephrase (paraphrasing tool), you can:
    • Upload the document file from local device storage.
    • Type the content from scratch.
    • Paste the copied text.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Rephrase (paraphrasing tool) offers three rephrasing modes to its users. So, if a user can’t get the required results with one mode, he can use the other two modes in this tool.
  • According to the privacy policy of Rephrase (paraphrasing tool), it doesn’t share uploaded content. So, uploading the content into this tool is entirely safe.

Why should you avoid Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool)?

  • The free version of Rephrase (paraphrasing tool) allows users to paraphrase 500 words only. So, its free version is not ideal for handling lengthy documents.
  • Compared to the QuillBot, its premium version is not worth purchasing. However, if the services of QuillBot have not satisfied you, you can use its premium plan.


So far, I have discussed the freemium paraphrase online tools on this list. But it’s time to discuss the completely free tools. And one such tool is “ is an easy, fast, accurate and free rephrasing tool that uses its built-in reword generator to paraphrase pasted content. It uses unique algorithms to detect the parts that require rephrasing. So, it rephrases those sentences and replaces the words with their synonyms using its special algorithms.

Why should you select

  • The UI (User Interface) of is straightforward. So, this tool will be ideal for beginners.
  • This paraphrasing tool has no limitations. So, suppose a user is searching for the best paraphrasing tool online for research papers. In that case, he can use this tool.
  • Despite being a free tool, the results of this paraphrasing tool are exceptional. 

Reasons to avoid

  • There is no option for uploading files in this tool. So, you can only paste the copied text or type content from scratch.
  • It can only paraphrase the content written in the English language.
  • It doesn’t have different paraphrasing modes. So, the working mechanism of this tool is basic.

5. SEOMagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool:

The fifth and last paraphrasing tool on this list is one of the most popular rephrasing tools available. Its name is SEOMagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool.

The paraphrasing tool of SEOMagnifier is a freeware AI-based online paraphraser that rephrases the content written in multiple languages. But compared to the paraphrasing algorithm of Rephrase (paraphrasing tool), its rephrasing algorithm is weak.

SEOMagnifier’s paraphrasing tool is one of the fastest rephrasing tools available. Therefore, it instantly analyzes the dull parts of the content and works on them to improve its quality.

Why should you pick SEOMagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool?

  • The paraphrasing tool of SEOMagnifier is entirely free.
  • As mentioned earlier, the paraphrasing tool of SEOMagnifier supports multiple languages. So, you can rephrase the content written in the following languages:
    • Dutch.
    • English.
    • French.
    • German.
    • Indonesian.
    • Spanish.
    • Turkish.
  •  This paraphrasing tool has an incredible library of synonyms, as it contains millions of synonyms.
  • Despite being a free paraphrasing tool, you can still ignore the essential words while paraphrasing with SEOMagnifier’s paraphraser.
  • Once you have rephrased a piece of content, you can download that document file in text format.

Reasons to avoid SEOMagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool?

  • SEOMagnifier’s paraphrasing tool doesn’t offer multiple modes, as it works on a conventional rephrasing technique. That’s the reason for putting this rephrasing tool in the last spot.
  • There is no option for uploading the document file in this tool because you can only paste the text.
  • Often its paraphrasing algorithm changes the original meaning of the text. 

Bottom Line – the Conclusion:

Many people are either put off by the time-consuming task of paraphrasing content or don’t have the time to paraphrase their content. Therefore, they use this as an excuse. If you fall into one of these categories and I know many people do, worry not because there is some light at the end of the tunnel. You can get yourself out of this sticky situation and relieve yourself from having to spend all that time doing something that you could be delegating out oh so quickly.

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