I want to paint a picture of where I was before starting this SEO agency. After being certified as a digital marketer, I still struggled to get clients despite my competence. The frustration got to me, and I was determined to find a way out.

Then I met Stephen Madden, an American business owner. He gave me the privilege to perform an SEO audit on their e-commerce site, and the result was impeccable. Everything else began to click; they saw more traffic, more sales, and a high return on investment. 

My dream finally came to pass, and it was time to help other people achieve theirs. So I formed Deyo digital; with the data collected and analyzed, we were able to reproduce the same success for other clients. 

You don’t have to go through the frustration of poor sales or doubt your product. We will implement what has worked for our clients.

B2B SEO Agency

David Adebayo

David is the founder of Deyo Digital; his mission is to help many entrepreneurs get more clients through SEO and Google adverts. He has, again and again, delivered clients’ expectations by growing their customer base and increasing the number of in-content they provide. 


David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, MSc. Business Management; MA. International Relations, he’s an alumnus of Nankai University and currently looking forward to help your business go international.

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