The emergence of Deyo Digital came as a need to solve a marketing problem. Do you remember when COVID was declared a national emergency? When businesses began tumbling down, shops were being locked up, and everyday hustling and bustling came to a hurt. The government could not come up with a lasting solution other than to “safe guard your health”. Meanwhile, what people and businesses were dealing with was how to survive the hunger in the land rather than “staying alive”.

When we saw the pandemic hit, you would have thought “what’s next?”. This is because people stopped spending. Businesses stopped spending. And almost everyone felt it initially. But as the months went on, things started to change as most people started working from home.

Online marketing became a real deal for any business that need to stay ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, it was reported that online searches increased significantly for SEM/SEO that impacted customer satisfaction and purchase intention. In fact, some were even having their best months ever.

We got curious and it made us question, what is going on behind the scenes of those businesses that are thriving? And how can we solve this business challenge and maneuver the impending danger of losing out to your competitors? 

You see everyone wants to buy stuff. As many businesses pulled back their marketing, other doubled down and went where people where searching, discovering and buying… ONLINE. And this is a trend that is here to stay.

The shutdown just accelerated the necessity to take all your marketing online because that is where people are shopping. And the way to get in front of them is to make sure you are showing up at the top, at the moment they are searching.

Now we’ve found the solution… Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! In a time when both people and businesses were looking for high Return on Investment (ROI) channels, SEO was coming in clutch and still is. In fact, out of all marketing channels, marketers consistently vote organic search (SEO) as the highest ROI channel. 

If you want to win in the competitive market, you need to gear up and get your online marketing right. But how do you know what you should do specifically?

SEO can be complicated, so we want to help you get this handled. We’ll take a look at your site, your competition, and show you what you should be doing right now to start massively increasing your customer satisfaction and retention.

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David Adebayo

David is the founder of Deyo Digital who saw the need to solve the hustle and bustle of traditional marketing by harnessing the potential of digital marketing using SEO, Guest Blogging, and Google adverts. He has an aged long industry experience and expertise to increase your site’s organic traffic on Google search results. 

David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and post graduate certificates in Business Management and International Relations from prestigious institutions across the world. He’s currently helping professionals and business owners go international.

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